Fingering for QWERTY keyboard



Why learn a fingering method for the keyboard ?

To increase the typing speed and better control typographical errors.

Since we do not look at the keyboard but the screen, the typographical error is immediately identified. It is easy to understand that the use of ten fingers substantially increases the speed.

You could very well learn a method using your favorite word processor. However, if you are not disciplined, this method will be effective.

Within a few hours you can type without looking at the keyboard. Type slowly at first, then gradually increase the speed. At some point, you will be surprised to fall on the desired character effortlessly. It is important to practice regularly.

Choice of fingering

If you type currently using one or two fingers of each hand, it is time to choose one of two positions. All fingers are based on a key, thumbs are used to press the bar "space".

Natural Position

Position aligned
Choose the most comfortable position for you. Personally, this is the natural position that suits me.

The indexes are positioned on the letters F and J. On the keys of these two letters, a bar in relief identifies the position of the index without looking at the keyboard. This is very important, because for the learning to be effective, you have to look at the screen, not the keyboard.


It is not possible to access future exercices. However, you can repeat an exercice already done and then return to the exercise to do at any time.

The exercises are boring but necessary. It's like the first steps on the piano : learning the notes, making scales to finally ... playing the music of your dreams.


A cookie is used to keep the model of your keyboard and exercise record.

The keypad

--> The 6 characters to the right of the TAB key

Z is immediately to the right of SHIFT

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After your first visit to the exercises, you will be able to open the page "exercises" directly (keep the page "exercises" in your bookmark).

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